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Ediacaran Garden

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My composition Ediacaran Garden for classical guitar has been selected for performance by Kenji Haba in New York City June 26 2011 as part of the Fifteen Minutes of Fame with Kenji Haba Vox Novus series. A requirement was that the piece not exceed one minute in length.

After some discussion with the folks at Vox Novus it was decided that I could release a computerized version. I hope you enjoy it.

The program notes:

Ediacaran Garden is a free form impressionistic study in harmonic guitar texture. The Ediacaran age was a time when multicellular creatures first developed. The most notable feature about this time in history is the absence of predators which suggests the inhabitants were living in a garden of Eden.

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Andrew Russe said

Fantastic playing there. Congratulations. Pity it's only a minute long though lol

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Guest said

Spell-binding piece! Congrats on being selected!

Guest said

Wow!That is Stellar playing!!

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richardlaceves said

very well done Chris,, congratulations

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Guest said

I love this. The harmonics sound wonderful. Is this in an alternate tuning system?

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kirklynch said


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kavin. said

Congrats, nice piece. Had me fooled on first listen, nice faux guitar tone!

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Reefwalker said

really like this one, congrats on this piece being selected ! By "computerized version" do you mean a MIDI or is this live guitar? man its hard to tell, the mic up on the neck seems just right.

Guest said

sounds beautiful.