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Groove for Cleopas & Simon

Uploaded .

The chorus of this groove is in 5/4 and the verse in 9/4. You can hear me fall apart at the very end… guess I got worried.

Try not to get worried
I am with you always
Try not to get worried
And don’t forget

You just can not see it
From where you now stand
Don’t let your heart trouble
Because of this world

You just can not see it
From where you now stand
Don’t let your heart worry
You’re not of this world

(Apologies to Andrew Lloyd Weber, but the phrase “Try not to get worried” is just perfect for 5/4.)

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Wreath Rocker said

Still diggin this one .....

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another cultural landslide said

And now that "last days, lasts days" is FINALLY done, I'll have much more time to be listening! This is way cool!!!! w;-)

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another cultural landslide said

Whoa ~ thank you soooo much for your comments! We are humbled. w;-)

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launched said

Still puttin' out the mighty beats I see!! Love it, bro!

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richardlaceves said


Guest said

Re: The glass dust .... That is because you Are naughty Norm! Bee :)

Guest said

Oh Norm, Ha ha! I do love you!

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Johnny Stone said

nice beat i loved it

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Reefwalker said

I like the goove here bro! The lyrics help bring out the count I'm Percussion illiterate

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igor said

I let my heart to trouble me 'cause of this groove My heart is in worry 'cause I'm from this world So~ ^_^

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Norm said

@Shirt: Ha! Well, probably not all of them.

Guest said

I bet all those 'Mishna', 'Gmarah' Rabbi's are enjoying your grooves. Very subtle and it!

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Norm said

@Jarvis: I think if you could see the details of the painting more closely you would be able to see that in fact they are rolling die at the dinner table: Red Riding Hood has just rolled her 5th natural 7 on the come-out. Moments after the instant of this painting, the gent on the right flips the table over and Mr. Skull-cap slips Red a shiv.

Guest said

Bloody hell...I struggle with 4/4 nevermind pushing the envelope to double that and add one ....sheesh !! Hey are they talking about a fishing trip....the one on the left (as you would shake hands is saying) The one that got away,she was this big...the guy in the chair " I had enough of this already wid the the one that got away stories" and red riding hood he saying "hey Louis ,siddown,it's okay,we've all hadda little drink forget it..." and finally "are you guys ready to order or should I just stand here all day like a schlepp"

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Movement To Contact said

Killer! I think you held in there just fine! One more time....

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Norm said

@Slkrell: Many thanks! Of course. All of my stuff is up for grabs and I would love to hear what you do with it!

Guest said

Hey, Norm. This is great stuff. It took me along time to grab Take Five this is so much twistyer. Is this available for Grabs? I'd love to try. Faved,instantly

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kirklynch said

Damn nice groove!

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The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said

Everythings all right yes everythings fine (no apologies to mr lloyd webber)

Guest said

Hypnotic groove!

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thetworegs said

.....excellent...listening to this while walking you can't help skipping...well a kind of skip shuffle anyway....i call it the no worries shuffle

Guest said

I like this tempo very much and the clapping too. Sounds wonderful through headphones. Marvellous how you can do all that and sweep up the dead leaves at the same time! ;)