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Valentine song # 1 I will (Beatles)

Uploaded .

thought,, id try doing something for valentines day so i chose two Beatles tunes,, amazingly (or not) i found them very difficult for me to personalize, ,,hope all you lovers have a good day and enjoy

Guest said

Yes Twirretwarre, "Time in between for silence and no hurry" Very well put, my lady. And very well done Richard. To be complimented on my composition by you, is high praise indeed! Excellent job, sir! Beautiful, beautiful music. Thanks for your kind words brother, Dave

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twirretwarre said

Ah this is such a relaxing tune, you take the time in between for silence and no hurry. Like this Valentine song very much! Thank you also for your kind comment, I don't know how to write back to you. With a private comment? I am new here and have to find out things!:-)

Guest said

I should of played this to my girlfriend on Valentines day:) lovely playing!

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vaisvil said

This is simply lovely!

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Reefwalker said

excellent RA, perfect waking up to this morning

Guest said

Great tune.

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another cultural landslide said

This soooo beautiful Richard! w;-)

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Movement To Contact said

For that little intro i was trying to seperate the style of my normal stuff into the stuff for the rpm....most of my other songs are kind of large where i went more rock for this't know if it worked, but glad you liked it!

Guest said

Bittersweet. I'm there.

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thetworegs said

A beautiful piece

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igor said

~lovely tune out there in the ether, where we slowly circled in the dance~

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Movement To Contact said

Stunning track Richard. Very nice indeed.

Guest said

As far as Valentine's day goes, I should wish!! So, I'm taking this beautiful piece as my own, and thank you. It is exquisite.

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A Bit More Better Productions said

god thats beautiful richard..