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A Trembling of the Heart

Uploaded .

Written and Recorded April 22, 2010

Buddah defined compassion as “a trembling of the heart.”

Details: Epiphone Les Paul (DADGAD/DADGAD Capo VII), Seymour Duncan Pickups, POD XT, Boss RC-20 Looper, EBow, Audacity.

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kavin. said

Thanks to whomever for bringing this to the fore again. Love Doug's stuff.

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Jon Lastovica said

oooo i dig that sound...

Guest said

Sounds GREAT!!! Love it...

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alexisfromtexas said

Very well done...such clarity of all the instruments without losing unity. I love your cover art. Do you do it yourself?

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richardlaceves said

I am listening to this song again ,, and it's great

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Lord Sluk said

great opening arpeggio, better than U2 :)

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another cultural landslide said

Exquisite... w;-)

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sixmilewide said

Certainly made mine tremble, nice work Doug!!

Guest said

I FN love it.

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launched said

Yes - I love it.

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Reefwalker said

Great soundscape, takes you away

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Jean-Luc Thomas said

Man. This song is an attack on the emotions. really hard hitting, its like playing my soul like an instrument. Amazing.

Guest said


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sinuata said

I love the saturated sound on this one!

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richardlaceves said

very nice,,, also a gentle wander through your chosen cords( as i just mentioned about "wind voices, the song following yours on the uploads),,, pretty,, well done!!

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quill said


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Breaking Light said

Excellent orchestral layering, Doug.

Guest said

I think the entire world should be buddhist.

Guest said

wow. I became lost in the beauty. And it felt good. Thanks for sharing. Very emotional and powerful playing....yet done with elegance.

Guest said

Classic Sparling. These are the sounds I love!

Guest said

A pity more peoples' hearts don't tremble. Fairly aggressive with an underlying wistful melody, I like the contrast very much.

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kirklynch said

Great stuff man! Love those almost vocal sounding effects

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Johnny Stone said

Really nice Doug Dig it mate.