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My Song

Uploaded .

This is about where the f*ck does a song come from?? I don’t know, and I can barely hang on..

Recorded with the Boss Micro BR with one take tracks and bounced until there was nothing left in the poor girl.

The Rose Serum Sextet's avatar
The Rose Serum Sextet said

Heh. Yup.

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Mike Giles said

Groovy. Vocals are cool. I like the effects on your axe. The production is crystal clear and the harmonies are perfect! WTG, my friend!

MF Hot Wheels Spaulding esq's avatar
MF Hot Wheels Spaulding esq said

dude, i know weve been over this before, but you totally rock!!!!!

Guest said

Rockin track man! The crunching guitars and solo are friggin awesome. Chorus is very catchy too. Nice work!

Guest said

Nice American sound! Traces of Todd Rundgren and stuff I can't put my finger on (Soundgarden?). Love the chorus!

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Geir said

bravo !!!

Guest said

muy bien bro. and you?

Guest said

Crazy good...No boundaries! always a pleasure to hear a new one from you:)

Guest said

that boss micro br kicks ass. no, it's you that kicks ass. You could probably make a recording on Mr. Mic sound good. You got skills brutha. Baby Green Ernie.

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facemask93 said

Hey Marky , i love your voice buddy , i know it goes well with mine , so lets get it on , this is sublime

Guest said

Ooh hello! Great groove! Now I want bacon.

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Reefwalker said

FFFFFFLLLLLAAAANNNNGGGGE!! Definitely a headphones gem

Guest said

Flanger it! Great tune!

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thetworegs said

OOooooh yeah now it's my Fav song....thanks

Guest said

Ee up, the shoulders are going for it! Hey, this is great! Class rock track!

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Norm said


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Vestigial Remorse said

Love the guitars!

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Movement To Contact said

We fry bacon with authority....has to be one of the best lyrics I have ever heard in a song.