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Catch A Train with Jarvis and Brian Bazeley

Uploaded .

Alright!! This is some kickin’ tune right here. I wanted to mess with this one when Jarvis first uploaded it. Then Brian Bazeley added this great bass line to it. At that point, I had no choice but to add some more veggies to this stew.
I started with the washboard which, I play with a heavy pick and open mic.
I also added a cowbell, a harcore plastic tamborine, one of those slap happy thingys, some midi drums, some train samples, and harmonicas. Oh yea, and a midi banjo lead which sounds more like a harpsichord. :D

It really started to take on the AM Radio sound I used to hear on my Grand Pappy’s 55 Chevy, on 10.

Thanks Jarvis for allowing me the pleasure. You can find more of Jarvo’s tunes here.

Thanks Brian for playing this extra cool bass line. You can find more of Brian’s tunes here.

You guys are the cat’s pajamas.

2010 Jarvis - Bazeley - Lennon

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Reefwalker said

been gone a while, almost missed this gem! Really great collab track. Big ripe fruit with all the bells and whistles.

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da gubbamint said

shit dog, you got some talents.

Guest said

u said... Dude, you need therapy. Come with me to the strip joint. Pronto!!! that's your method for therapy. Interesting approach I must say. grin.

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sixmilewide said

Great work guys, cool track.

Guest said

Yay, turned out to be a great fun collab.

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Norm said

Hell yes!

Guest said


Guest said

Hell this took on a whole new dimension and did not lose the simplicity that I was giving it, in fact the embellishments give the main git and the harp the requisite stark and steaming sound I was after.Great job you guys. Jarvo

Guest said

nice stuff. JRR

Guest said

I could see just chillin out somewhere while you guys are playing. Another awesome song man.

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launched said

Oh, yeah, I dig! Super triple whammy collab!!

Guest said

cool. got's a great feel to it.

Guest said

:-) Too cool for school!

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Rubber said

bunch of great sounds going on here. great work fellas. JRR

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Johnny Stone said

Nice collab dudes very cool. Great track.

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Alister Flint said

this is soooo cool! i hope you guys will make more of these!