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Mobius Waltz (Demo)

“Mobius Waltz”

Born of a snowflake
What new form will I take?
Must we shift our shape
as pressure fluctuates?

Are we the product of stardust and fallout
gravity wells from which there’s no way out?
Selecting memories from a silver platter
Thoughts are woven in the fabric of matter

Silent collisions, destructive decisions
Nothing is random in ripples and patterns
Our planet’s a circle but it rolls on a grid
a one-sided shape in a jar with no lid

Steering our ship down the Mobius strip
through whirlpools past icebergs task masters crack whips
A one-way dead-end is by no means a curse
All is in motion / The last become first…

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thetworegs said

excellent lyrics….. great vibe going on with the music….the words well delivered….a good job well done

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Reefwalker said

listen to a few of your songs now.. refreshing and different. pretty cool and unusual feel love it