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Looking In The Mirror Today w/ Two Regs

Uploaded .

A little ditty i recorded at the weekend and then sent off to the Mighty Two Regs to strut his stuff all over and man that boy can sing!!!
Cheers Reg,your a star!!!

Guest said

A class act! Good stuff! Nice collab!

Roger M. Harris's avatar
Roger M. Harris said

Ha sure there was a reflection..... Devil music .... :)

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

Second FDR/2Regs I've heard tonight - you guys is rocking!! It's party time now (Sunday roast and a bottle of wine, anyway!)

Guest said

Sounding great there Reg and the music is oh - thrilling! Nice one guys!

Orphans's avatar
Orphans said

love the bass playing

Orphans's avatar
Orphans said

I wanna party right NOW!

jip's avatar
jip said

Nice collab geyes.

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

You guys are both delivering the goods here. Good combined result.

Guest said

Great song and singing!

Guest said

I say old beans ....."old beans"...just saying. Heh. Is that a telecaster I hear?

Guest said

Rockin? It's like big chunks of granite!

Pete's avatar
Pete said

Great stuff!