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Afternoon Light in a Tea Garden

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warning!!! this is a long 10+ min instrumental
It’s a piece about 4 years old that was my first attempt at using synth voices,, I am still looking for a good one,, if anyone knows.
The music itself is a tone poem, loosely dedicated to a children’s novel titled the “Queens own Grove”, and the magical stately tree lined historic Victoria Avenue in Riverside California. comments are very welcome

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Norm said


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Alister Flint said

very pleasant composition, and a great orchestation. although choirs might lack a bit of depth, mostly in the graves, there is really nothing wrong with those you've used..

Guest said

Try with Quantum Leap East West Programs, they will blow your mind. They are mostly orchestral stuff, and realistic instruments outside synth, but i think there are plenty of synth things on the same site. if i did catch your question correctly hopefully i answered that same question.

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Mannequin Races said

You are right on the money that I have a lot of fun coming up with my songs! Thanks for your listens and checking out my back catalog! This song builds really nicely. It's very full and rich. I wish I could compose longer songs like this. I get tired of musical ideas really quickly and always want to move on to the next one! This would be great in a movie soundtrack. There is some slight hissing going on but nothing terribly distracting. Excellent work here!

Guest said

This is fabulous! The instruments perfectly compliment one another, in fact, they dance! And the synth voices sound great - much better than any I've found! Wonderful piece of music, beautifully performed.

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Reefwalker said

Have had some time to listen to this in my car during the work week. Excellent piece, took some time to wrap my head around it completely.

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Jason Earls said

wonderful composition! bach-like elements with an overall reverential quality, i like this very much.

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vaisvil said

Thanks for the listen and comment on the improv Richard!

Guest said

interesting,,, i hear many bach motifs strung throughout,, do you ever listen to the WTC such as preludes 1 ? ,,, well anyway well done R

Guest said

beautiful. Wish I still had keys with a choir sound like that. I used to have a mirage keys...and they sounded alot like the keys u used.

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dougsparling said

2:30 into it, very nice. Love the contrast between the sections.

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

I really enjoyed the listen of this album. Though I am a 'roots' americana guy myself, I love classical and probably listen to this style more than to any other. I especially love the interplay of lines which make the harmonies as opposed to chord-based pop music. Your selections very nicely fed this appreciation. Thanks for making the world a bit more beautiful, awe-inspiring and majestic.

Guest said

Great tune, absolutely! And thanks for your kind words.

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alexisfromtexas said

I see you are a night owl, too. Thanks for your encouragement, by the way. Your piece, "Afternoon..", is delicious. I'm gonna turn it up several notches tomorrow when I listen again to get the full orchestral feeling...trying not to wake the family right now. I'm interested in the making of this piece. Not to sound untechy or anything, but this seems like a complicated piece for computer. Do you play a variety of instruments that are not computer generated? Do you write stuff for soundtracks or games?

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kirklynch said

Magnificent! Love it when the voices come back in with the organ at 8:25

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Hydrographica said

I'm jealous... Stop being so fantastic!

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another cultural landslide said

10:50 is not long enough! This is just beautiful. I could listen all day. Thanks, Richard for such a wonderful piece! w;-)

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Wildgeas Music said

A very gentle wake up this fine morning. magnificently exquisite. That organ at 8:20 or so, with the voices, is inspiring me to do great things. Oh wow, nice break to the acoustics.

Guest said

Totally glorious! The voices work really well, beautifully mixed.

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Lalo Oceja said

this is a beautiful work of art, I loved the organ mixed with voices by the minutes 8 to 9. congratulations Richard!

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Johnny Stone said

Beautiful mate this is a top track Richard. Like J S says this is very relaxing mate.

Guest said

outstanding and beautiful piano too.

Guest said

This is very relaxing. Thanks for this man! I like it a lot!

Guest said

Wow this is an epic start!! oooh love how it goes to a relaxing acoustic feel.

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vaisvil said

very nice - perhaps a bit more development would be even better!

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launched said

Epic and wonderful. Well worth the listening investment!

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listener said

As it unwinds it reaches deeply in, like a good massage both relaxes tension, and refreshes and energizes. Thought I wouldn't play to the end, but I did - and played it again! Beautiful.

Guest said

This is a beautiful piece. Every second is worth listening to.