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The Crystal Ship

Uploaded .

The Doors have always been one of my favoriates,, i would like to an entire cd of piano takes on their music,, this is my first take at cs

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Sandy Gritt said

The sounds works so well with just piano...really satisfying.

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thetworegs said

Again Brilliant.Bravo!!!

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kirklynch said

This is just Gorgeous!

Guest said

I have always loved this song. Very cool to cover that as a piano piece.

Guest said

Great Rendition.

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another cultural landslide said

I'm in awe of this track. Wonderful, beautiful, brilliant etc... Swept me away. w;-)

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Reefwalker said

Another flashing chance at bliss...I love The Doors, this is a very creative cover -

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Breaking Light said

Great cover! Manzarek had the ability to hold down the bass line (the Doors didn't have a bassist) and do those wonderful Bach-ish runs simultaneously. You've got that going on here too.

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launched said

This is a great version, and I really enjoyed it! It's quit uncanny, but I just recently listened to Robby Krieger's "Versions", in which he covered his band's song as well. JM is great, but for some reason I always loved this one as an instrumental. Very good piano playing, my friend!

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate very cool.