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Don T Let The Sun Go Down (Daniel Johnston Cover)

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oldrottenhead said

kicking ass henny kicking ass. gaun yersel

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Andrew Russe said

Don't know the original, but I likes this. Lovely lovely vocal, and I like how the instrumentation builds, complementing the vocal perfectly... And I'm still watching this "no reverb" approach with much interest - I wish I was brave enough to try it (I am trying to cut down though! lol)

oldrottenhead's avatar
oldrottenhead said

bloody magic henny. i nearly bought a uke the other day but couldn't tune the little bugger. just joined this alonetone thing not sure how to tune that either.

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cuthbert said

Hey, this is a real treat - melodica and glockenspiel added to the voice & uke! Gives it more of an epic flavor...

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Sandy Gritt said

A lovely cover...glockenspiel is a nice touch and your melodica sounds great with the uke! ...what happened to the bridge?

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Reefwalker said

Love the lyrics. Great blend of instruments

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thetworegs said

Love it great vocal... liking that harp too...

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Dave Berry said

Beautiful cover of a beautiful song...