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Dancing with Great Whites

Uploaded .

Previously released as “a little moon music”, Here, used as the background for a video i made in Oct of Great White Sharks

This is not the typical Discovery Channel version, here i saw the more languid, graceful, side of these apex predators,,, they were relaxed, and non threatening, sometimes passing as close as a foot from the cage/ camera/,,, a very beautiful experience

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another cultural landslide said

Missed this one too? What? How beautiful! Richard, you have a beautiful gift. w;-)

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Doc said

Lots of niceness in this one, an interesting video too.

launched's avatar
launched said

A full reminder of how wonderful your piano playing is. I'd like to learn someday.

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Geir said

This is really stunning, I don't often listen to music like this, but I don't really know why 'cause I love this. Downloaded for further enjoyment !!

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Lena & Irina Panfilova said

Sweet piano,soft and clear...Nice touching CRESCENDO at 2.40.Thank you for your comment.

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igor said

Hi Rich, I have no special knowledge of the type "I was on a sound technician, " or something like that. I, however, since childhood (and still) listen to a lot of music, different kind of. And so when working on the next compositions I'm usually already know what I want to get (or, I think I know:-). Knowing this, I pick the appropriate instruments, tools and software. Details, if you really want, by email.

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A Bit More Better Productions said

ive not the musical vocab to describe why i love this so much. suffice it to say i do

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Jane Gould said

you music is so soothing

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Galileo's Cough Drop said

Lovely piece. Really enjoyed this.

Guest said

What a remarkable sound. Beautiful!

Guest said

Very very nice!!

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kirklynch said

This is Gorgeous!

Guest said

Guest said

Strait up majic....calming with a sense of flow.

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mmi said

Beautiful (obviously) and holy crap is the video super cool.

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Johnny Stone said

Cheers mate glad you liked it. Take care.

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igor said

~Waves~ "Little Moon" was better I suppose. More courage, a bit, is necessary, though.

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Movement To Contact said

Glad you enjoyed it Richard!

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Reefwalker said

This is one of my favs. Perfect backdrop for the video

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one Richard.

Guest said

Two words. Stun. Ning.

Guest said

Yes I loved the "A little moon music" before, here it becomes a perfect backdrop to the video. Fascinating to see the shark enjoying the company of the divers and yet they are solitary creatures. Mmm interesting!

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Norm said

Thanks for showing us the beauty of a creature that most of us consider to be a ruthless devourer. Your tender soliloquy perhaps does the beast more than justice... I can only hope for the same.