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by Reefwalker


Down at the Swamp

Uploaded .

Percussion - Rick banging on his guitar
Guitar -Rick pickin on his guitar

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facemask93 said

Love it , percussive guitar jam

Guest said


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Noswonky said

I like it. Makes me feel like a swamp monster is about to grab me.

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

When you can bang, pick, and set yourself on fire, then you've got a killer act. ;) I enjoyed this. Made me feel all gritty and stuff.

Guest said

Am so behind on my listens!! This is a complete treat - from the opening beats [banging on your guitar??] to the sublime guitar [played proper], just lovely.

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Reefwalker said

would fav it twice if possible. I am a sucker for acoustic guitar percs. The guitar has some unmistakable Hawaii flav. too..I might have to break out endless summer now...

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Rick Phillips said

Thanks Reg, it is great to play with Norm and looking forward to all kinds of collaborations in 2011!

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thetworegs said

great collection of tracks on the album this in particular is Fantastic!!! love it all the guitar and that percussion WOW!!!

Guest said

Ooooooh yeah!!!

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Rick Phillips said

Thanks my friends!

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vaisvil said

This rocks!!

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Movement To Contact said

Pretty cool man, i like how you were able to mix the guitarcussion down so it's not to loud!

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epimeison said

Super! Nice rithm Rick!

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kirklynch said

Very cool Rick! I've often thought of doing percussion tracks like this, but have never gotten around to it as yet

Guest said

Yeah, like it. Has the atmosphere of being impromptu and natural.

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Rick Phillips said

Not as clever or as good as you Norm! But fun :)

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Norm said

I hate the fact that your percussionist is quite clever.