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by Reefwalker


It's alright w/2Regs, FDR & Lady Jane

Uploaded .

A song about, well, s**t happens, but all in all, it’s alright. Thanks to TwoRegs (singing), Freight Drive Reprobate (singing and harmonica)and Lady Jane (Singing in posh mode). Hope you like.

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Jason Earls said

fun tune, great collab! love the harp...

Reefwalker's avatar
Reefwalker said

havent been around for a while, lots of pearls to find on AT of late! Great collab gents. chorus hook, harp, vox switchups....fav button

jip's avatar
jip said

Still makes me chortle - nice collab folks.

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

Fantabulous. Wonderful. Superb. One of those "need a SUPER-FAVE button" tracks.

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Mike Daish said

I've got a Porsche. It's not an automatic.. it's alright :) Great tune

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thetworegs said

Loving that harp snoop.......

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thetworegs said

Eeeh!! It turned out nice again. ....

Guest said

This and Singing in the bath tub are my two favorite uke style tunes. Its allright with me. Faved .Lovely work everyone....Steve

Guest said

Fabulous Alonetone anthem! It's all fun!

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markgoldsack said

Bonkers the lot of you! Love it :)

Guest said

It's Alright is that! haha

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kirklynch said

HA! What a blast!

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Just Jane said

Hell yah! x

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FDR said

Ha ha ha ha ha ha and ha ha ha ha ha!

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

This is an Allstar cast...and absolutely love it. Came together really well!