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G Blues - Greg

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Guest said

Wow, excellent! Speechless... PK

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Stashbox said

Yeah I have like 500 of my tracks on my itunes :) I've been downloading all of your new stuff. Love it of course. This is at a rehearsal room in LA. I think Scutt is there too. That is Norda Mullen from the Moody Blues!! playing flute. I'm hoping to jam with greggy tomorrow, I don't really have any recording gear though. Hope to see you soon!

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Stashbox said

This is just a room recording...that is Norda Mullen playing flute from the MOODY BLUES!! We all played soft for the ultimate respect for having a world class flute player in our presence.

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Reefwalker said

Man I wondering when I was going to hear the next post from you! Great tune! Where were you playing?I got to get Greg up and make a track soon. His vocals need nothin - but i hear he's flyin there tomorrow

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lgh said

The mix is very 'soft', need to crank the volume up to hear it well, but other than that, this is Top-Notch blues guys! I love this track. Piepod LG