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Groove for Saint Thomas

Uploaded .

Ah! My favorite Saint.

Tuned Congas, glass-beaded shekere and bass cajon.

4/4. BPM? Heaven knows. Had the headphones blissfully off for this one.

Guest said

absolutely fantastic song!

Guest said

cool ,love it!!!

jip's avatar
jip said

Fab - I had already faved.

Movement To Contact's avatar
Movement To Contact said

Noddin my head....tappin my toes...jammin this track....loud in my home. This is SwEeEeEeET! :)

Anton's avatar
Anton said

Man that's so great, awesomely played and recorded percussion! I loved the cajon, never managed to record it properly myself lol

Reefwalker's avatar
Reefwalker said

Precision percussion. Crisp recording. Can hear the fingers. Love it. Without seeing this performance in person it is hard to believe it... :)

richardlaceves's avatar
richardlaceves said

Norm welll, im a wandering around here at AT on Christmas day, between the cooking and baking,, family is on the way over,,, what a cooool piece,, strange as this may sound your beats seem to just melt my holiday stress away!!! very nice ,, merry Christmas,,, r by the way how do you tune a conga? are certain sizes able to cover a different range?

jip's avatar
jip said

grooved all the way - good one.

chris jarvis's avatar
chris jarvis said

Cool Beats .....St Tommo? Don't know him..... Cheers Jarvo

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

Oh Yeah- That's a fine groove!

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

Now thats something that gets the ooh yeahs going .......merry Christmas Norm.....

Rick Phillips's avatar
Rick Phillips said

Oooh, got some ideas of my own! Mele Kalikimaka Norm!!

Norm's avatar
Norm said

@Steve: I posted this for your delight. Have your way with it.

Guest said

Great beat ,Is this available? the shekere accent is very syncapated. it draws me right in. ....Steve

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Great beat mate very cool.