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Half A Life

Uploaded .

Another song that didn’t get recorded in February

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another cultural landslide said

Damn, I'm glad I found this! *click* fave! w;-)

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Dirty Spirits said

you have an awesome 1980's movie soundtrack feel to these new songs. like i heard them growing up and had not heard them since. just rediscovering them again. very nice.

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Nice vocal delivery. Digging on the acoustic blended with the synth. Enjoyable listen.

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Reefwalker said

yep, liking the vox and lyrics too. 130 really hooks it

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Dave Berry said

forgot to log in first before commenting......

Guest said

Reg led me to this thats a great vocal.....and a great song.

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thetworegs said

Better than all of it and not's in the head....great vocal...