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Meet Me At The Narrows (with JBL)

Uploaded .

The finished product! Oldest daughter shines!

We don’t always see eye to eye
And there are some days I don’t know how we get by
We spend so much time caught in the race
Gotta slow down the pace

When did the river get so wide
All I thought was forgiven rolling out with the tide
We’ve been allowing way to much space
Time to stand face to face

Meet me at The Narrows
Meet me at The Narrows
Meet me at The Narrows

If we walk back a ways where it wasn’t so far
If I turn back the days I was right where you are
All we might gain outweighs all that we’ve lost
If just one of us steps across

Tough times are coming something we can’t deny
And I find myself running despite how I try
When you’re in need of amazing grace
I’ll be standing at the usual place

Meet me at The Narrows
Meet me at The Narrows
Meet me at The Narrows

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Reefwalker said

oy! great tune JBL!! (and Keith is OK too) Just excellent... good job guys would hit the fav button again if I could

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Sister Savage said

Oh my, she has a wonderful voice - excellent tone. You sound amazing together. How wonderful.

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richardlaceves said

Quite nice,,wonderful to share the love of music, well done

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Brett Warren said

Excellent. Great tune, melody, harmony, guitar sound, etc. Thumbs up, sir.

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Bethan Mathis said

Sounds lovely! Excellent dual vocal.

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Johnny Stone said


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thetworegs said

I know where your coming from a beauty of a song .....