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Uploaded .

I wrote this for my girlfriend, but she’ll never hear it because Travis Twitt is the earth moon and sun.

It’s not really that good anyway :)

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Radio Roswell said

wall of sound chorus. yes !

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Sister Savage said

That's it. I'm changing my name.

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chris jarvis said

Just getting back into the groove here again....and groove is right ...this is spot on ...I thought it was going to be a cover of that other valerie song the one Amy Winebar did....and some other britband....but this is loads better ya Jarvo

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Reefwalker said

Jeeze, how I am on the 4 month Launch delay?! love the harmony vox with just the right amount of FLANGE hook Love the tune bro

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Gene Eric Mann said

Dig the Late '60's Psychedelic flavor! Rock on!

Guest said

we like this over here in NYC, nicely done. If that's a bass doing the bass line, dope little riff there.

Guest said

So good... everything!

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Dave Berry said

Fab song, that bass line gets right inside my muscles and shakes me till i drop. I love that name Valerie, with a name like that she must be alright.

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Greg Connor said

Nice interpretation. This song brings back memories.

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Roger M. Harris said

ok, I'm in love with Grace....again....

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Roger M. Harris said

I'm off to Youtube to watch Grace .....

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Roger M. Harris said

Had to play it again....where's Grace.....Slick...

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Roger M. Harris said

Oh man, you're out on a limb, Love it..... is this from Woodstock '69.......

Guest said

Awesome!! Great track man!

Guest said

Nice / ThANk you !!!!!!

Guest said

Hey, look who's here! Super track, great vocals! Bethan

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Andrew Russe said

The "Ahhhhhs" (Sleeping with the Ghost)- it's just patience, close mic-ing and using your "head voice" (try and sing as much like a girl as you can lol). And then for "harder" sounds, "wail" at it. Lots of voices with uniform performances produce "smooth" and "rich"; less and varied performances (as in not the same everytime) produce sharper sounds. Mix the two up as necessary in layers. Also think about recording the "breath" in the notes as well. You're actually getting VERY close to it with the vox on here - think about using different tones of voice and it will all become clear :) Also there's a bunch of EQing tricks - a cut at 3K (Q 1.0) on the bvox will increase the breathy, soft sound (and keep them out of the way of the lead).

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henwrench said

i remember this beauty. class

Guest said

Love it, great chorus

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Andrew Russe said

Actually, same here - hadn't clicked that button Follow button on yours either - fixed now! Might as well listen to this again while I'm doing it lol That chorus is brilliant. The backing vox, and then those descending chords at the end of it.

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Norm said

Valerie! Your understanding of the known universe needs to be launched.

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Andrew Russe said

Back for another slice... and this is even better than I thought... but I've already clicked fave... typical Tie the woman to the chair, stick the headphones on her and make her listen (that's what I do lol)

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Johnny Stone said

Excellent track mate really cool

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richardlaceves said

really fine blend of vocals/instruments/sounds great tempo

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Nice 60's vibe....with vibrato guitar sound. I dig the background vocals. Groovy psychedlic.

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Very Awesome..... So Glad to hear a new launched track!!!! Sublime is a good term to describe this song as well.

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Greg Connor said

I don't listen to Travis, but I would listen to this again. Valerie doesn't know what she's missing.

Guest said

Like :)

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Movement To Contact said

Very nice man! Really enjoyed this!

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thetworegs said it...

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Andrew Russe said

Oh yeah, this is fab. Love the clean and uncluttered arrangement (which I CANNOT do! I keep trying to, but I can't... curses), and then those vocals - she's right, the word is "sublime".

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FDR said

Cool song!

Guest said

Fabulous! The layered vocals are sublime - first class track!

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Wildgeas Music said

Love this bass line. Classic Launched.

Guest said


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oldrottenhead said

braw tell yer maw