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Earth, Can You Hear me Now?

Uploaded .

Yesterday was a misfire because I had the drums misaligned - but Fabrizio came to the rescue and mixed this properly! We hope you enjoy our collaboration!

Earth, Can You Hear me Now? is a rock composition in 17 notes per octave (17 edo, 17 equal). The Two Regs wrote the lyrics, melody, and performed vocals, Fabrizio Fulvio Fausto Fiale wrote and performed the fretless bass and drums, and I wrote and performed the guitar tracks. NASA provided the video.

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World War Nine said

Reminds me of the last movement of Conic Sections "King Pimento", which pissed off two thirds of Liberian nationals when first performed. Keep Stompin' til the Music Stops!

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richardlaceves said

nicely done you all,,,, what a wonderful mix with the video and the music,, and yes indeed you are on fire

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lgh said

This shoulda been on Led Zeppelin's last album... LG

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lgh said

This is just simply awesome! I love it! Piepod LG

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johnosullivan said

Excellent! Proves you can rock with 17EDO.

Guest said

A rockin busy track. Well done to everyone and loved the NASA footage.

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

With the heaviness!

Guest said

Well, rock AND roll. Out of this world, off the radar and pretty damn hot! Fantastic collabs, fellas. Vocals are dynamite!

Guest said


Guest said

great piece of work all round - everything gels for me...GREAT!

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thetworegs said

With a new mix.......