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Blank Pt1

Uploaded .

Reg couldn’t remember a thing………then he started to remember…………….

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lgh said

Cool song/storytelling.... More like this please.... LG

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

A very very impressive body of work!

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Johnny Stone said

You are one cool dude mate. great story telling mate.

A Bit More Better Productions's avatar
A Bit More Better Productions said

you astonish me with the worlds you create. every time. another excellent journey

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Wildgeas Music said

way out there - clever and original. I would like to see this live on stage.

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thetworegs said

Thanks Everyone for listening........

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Reefwalker said

where do you start here>>? just great reg I dont have any good comparisons for this. your music inserts are perfect

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richardlaceves said

hello again friend,, a major story begins...? as i have said prior your story telling is wonderful, i also find it very picturesque, your words create images, imagery, that is quite strong, like the pieces you make and share,,, take care R

Guest said

Wildly entertaining!

Guest said

Careful, your genius is showing.

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sleggthesockpuppet said

hey reg[s? - i am assuming from the profile pic that the two of you are uncomfortably compelled to share a body (just as you will be able to deduce from mine that i am not actually a real life sockpuppet but only a cartoon one))] - i really enjoyed that (from the opening bars where i thought it was going to be a cover of the doors) - is there to be a pt.2? or is is it a time loop & pts2etal are identical? do you do "rock" "operas"? do you think you should? i love it - xs

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vaisvil said

and the excellence of the music should be overlooked too.

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vaisvil said

Reg - you are one heck of a story teller! Have you considered writing a novel or short story?