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Stairway with Sister Savage

Uploaded .

Thanks to Sister Savage for helping us debut our new project. As busy as she is, Sister managed a bit of time and some great Jovian vox for us.
This piece or art is unique, sublime, and psychedelic.


2010 Savigear-Reyes-Lennon

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thetworegs said

As smooth as rubber...........

Guest said

ring my bell.

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vaisvil said

reminds me of Japanese theater.

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Norm said


Guest said

Reminds me of Kate Bush, liking it!

Guest said

Classic! Very alien.

Guest said

Excellent vocal performance by the sweet Sister Savage. Excellent job Sis. JRR

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launched said


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Lalo Oceja said

sublime, yes. very good work

Guest said

Sister Enya!

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

This is Like some kind of Haunting dream. Stunning and scary at the same time. You are right in your description... It IS art! It IS Unique!! It IS SUBLIME!!! And it gives new meaning to Psychedelic! Awesome!!

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Jason Earls said

evocative and interesting, i think i hear a little diamanda galas in there.

Guest said

Brilliant pioneering stuff!

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Reefwalker said

Hair raising

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Wildgeas Music said

It's full of bewitching charm and enchantment. They Geased me. Thanks Sis and Joe, your both very professional and fun to jam with.

Guest said

me luv different. me thank you very much.

Guest said

This is most odd, I love it! You can't get much more different than this. Ha, love the sighs.

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Johnny Stone said

Great collab top vocals Tess brilliant. Amazing mix well done guys.

Guest said

Italian opera meets lord of the rings meets Frank Zappa. This is gushing with originality and pure kick assamazement!!!

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launched said

Can you say neo-hippie-symphonic-space-jazz?? Well composed and performed. I love it!

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kavin. said

Finally someone wrote a song in the Elvish language (no, not Elvis!). I've always suspected Sister Savage is really Arwen.

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Norm said

Excellent work guys! Thanks!

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The Culprits said

Haunting vocals - very atmospheric! -M

Guest said

:-) Thanks for so gently indulging my inner diva. I love you guys. x

Guest said

I can understand every word and it's filthy.

Guest said

Nice work Sister!

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kirklynch said

Wow! Nice collaboration! Very ethereal lovely vox from the good sister!