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Can’t You Come Home

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I managed to work on 16 songs for this year’s 50/90 before I did something strummy in 6/8 time. I’ve started working on another 21 songs since and I’ve yet to do another one. That will likely change before today ends. Sorry, strummy songs in 6/8 time are fun.

Did you notice my voice cracked like a teenager at the end of the last verse?

Guitars are all Gibson ES-335 Pro through both a Vox AC15 and a Fender Bassbreaker 15 (two 15 watt amps at once is a pretty sweet rig). The rhythm used a Ryra the Klone pedal and the leads used a Klon KTR.

Verse 1
I know what to do
I know that it’s you
I know it comes through
There’s no turning back

I know that it’s true
I know you withdrew
I know it’s in two
and off of the track

Verse 2
There’s no other way
there’s nothing to say
the end of the day
its all shutting down

We’re going astray
We cannot delay
Its never okay
six feet underground

I’m so alone don’t know where else to go
Can’t you come home now please can’t you come home

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Andrew Russe said

6/8 is good :) ... cool set of songs in this batch. Keep going!!! :)