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Piano Intro

Uploaded .

Just a simple humble ditty, one of a handful I’ve been playing on the piano lately.

I haven’t been in the mood to do much recording in the last months — or more specifically, haven’t been in the mood to flesh out and arrange tunes. So this is proof to myself that I can still hit the record button. Apologies that the pedal is so squeaky :)

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issleneandleo said

Elegant piece.

Guest said

i love your piano playing

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corbinSound said

such grace

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shamoozey said

A hint of sadness in this tune but i like it

Guest said

You can still hit "record" and you can still play too. ;)

Guest said


Guest said

Serene and Tranquil. Left me wanting more

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Wildgeas Music said

Smooth playing Suds. Beautiful progression.

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mmi said

I can so relate. Play pretty much daily but the record button seems to be buried somewhere... Lovely piece. I almost want for random cafe noises, an espresso machine, some chatter, etc but it's beautiful as is.

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Rick Phillips said

Glad you did! (hit the record button)

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Johnny Stone said

Nicely done mate like it very cool.

Guest said

And, still play the piano too!

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Reefwalker said

love the feel, reminiscent of the Final Cut. The squeaky pedal is just right..

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richardlaceves said

nice,, myself sometimes i carry a whole head full of ideas around,, until something happens and i just record and see what happens,, once again well done

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Djörk said

yes, you can definitely do something with this... sounds nice :)

Guest said

Good one ,sound'n kinda sad there.

Guest said

Sudsy! Cmon, Rock on the casbah! (-8

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another cultural landslide said

Put a vocal with this...I like it! w;-)

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igor said

~Introduction to what will be~