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Oh Jamaica w/Speeddemon (remixed)

Uploaded .

A cover of Oh Jamaica by country Joe and the fish from the Album Paradise with an Ocean view(well worth a listen) a favourite of mine from my teen years which with Genes help we we have made our own …we hope you enjoy….

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layby said

also dint know the song and likes it so i'm off to google!

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layby said

vocals sound awesome on this one chappy. so clean.. puts me in mind of nilsson's later stuff. which i love.

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Reefwalker said

Find the smoking jacket and break out the old LP's - nice night time listen reg, faved

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Movement To Contact said

Perfect. You nailed it man.

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lgh said

Pure Awesome-ness! Great song Guys! LG

Guest said

Hi, guys . Great vVibe here. you know its Faved

Guest said

An excellent take on this beautiful song. Nice collab boys.

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issleneandleo said

Great track!

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Gene Eric Mann said

The bass has some fab lines there -- I like it busy! Meet ya there for a shot of rum, say around 4:20? Cheers!

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Johnny Stone said

Great cover mate well done.

Guest said

ah, good vocals :) I should be coming out with more recordings soon. Summer is slo usually and vacation time as well. Thanks for stopping by.

Guest said

This has a stonsey sound to it too, which is coolio.

Guest said

dope warbly Rum song always works for us over here. Very cool.

Guest said

most excellent..