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All That Jazz II

Uploaded .

Tried my hand at lead guitar on this one for a different flavor, Thanks to Norm for his percussion magic!

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Reefwalker said

Still opening bottles of wine to this one. Toes in the sand

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Greg Connor said

Now . . . That's the stuff we're looking for!

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Reefwalker said

smooooth, we need to plan a hawaii retreat for some live recordings. Been too long. Great guitar playing with the percs Rick. Never losing the endless summer feel brotha !

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thetworegs said

Sat herre listening to these beats with a little red wine to open up the mind just lovely

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Reefwalker said

smiling at :36. great version here as well. is it too early for margaritas ?

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facemask93 said

Nice groove man , a great listen

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kirklynch said

Oh Yeah! That grooves hard!

Guest said

I nearly missed this one! Compelling mystical-flavours, fellas.

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Norm said

Gosh, these are both excellent, but I think I may even like this version better.

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thetworegs said

With a ooooh!!! Yeah!! I enjoyed that..........