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Feel The Beat From The Cellar

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The reunion was on…they came from far and wide….it was held on Easter Sunday down at…..the new cellar of Regs…chiseled in to the Yorkshire Granite ….sound proofed….bomb proof… they say it started with a beat…everything was plugged in for the first time … would it happen …would something evolve …we didn’t know so we passed the Mic to Elvis……Elvis was in his element as master of ceremony………….and it evolved….

Guest said

Good morning Reg :)

Guest said

now not even the crazy irainians or north koreans can stop the music!

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Reefwalker said

welcome home. The granite bomb proof cellar has just the right acoustic feel. Brilliant

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Johnny Stone said

Excellent job mate really cool.

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Tipu said

Oh man these vocals are brilliant. And the harmonica!

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Norm said

The new cellar is sounding good! And hopefully, now that it has a new location, you will have better luck keeping Desire and her associated riff-raff out of the place. "I said wait up there" - LOL!

Guest said

Too cool to fool,karaoke jamming with a bunch of spectral singers know I feel a cartoon coming on here !! Jarvo

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sleggthesockpuppet said

welcome home trelveges

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vaisvil said


Guest said

Digging those growly bluesy vox!

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FDR said

I'm feeling it yeah!

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James Unson said

Nice one guys

Guest said


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Nick P said

Very cool groove!! Yes, feeling the beat....

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another cultural landslide said

Ok, I'm in love! Oh yeah....brilliant track! w;-)

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terrysongs said

grizzly man pure griz.

Guest said

Welcome back Reg. Too cool man!

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igor said

Trev in his element as Master of Cellaria...!