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Ayre #1 C minor

Uploaded .

two recorders and a flute get together in the back of a countryside English church late in the afternoon…..

NOTE — you may need to turn up the volume a bit for this…

piece #6 of a cd i am writing of early music

comments about sound level, and other welcomed!!

Guest said

very nice

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said


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johnbee said

Love the "New Age" instrumental style. Very pretty. johnbee

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Johnny Stone said

Cheers mate thanks for your comment. It is weird and the water goes down the sink the wrong way round.

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vaisvil said

Well, since I have not used MOTU SI I can't compare but you can since you can hear my Kontakt 4 sample set. Sonar 8.5 was / is a radical upgrade if you write more than classical music. But if one were strictly classical composition minded a better (rational!) program than Sonar to score with would make more sense to invest in than sonar 8.5 . I look forward to hearing what you are working on!

Guest said

RE very cool and interesting piece,, i had the fortunate experience of spending 8 days in a remote and protected area 300 miles off cabo san lucas,, baja mexico,,, on all the dives i was in the water with humpback whales,,, their songs are amazing,,, mesmerizing,,, on one dive i was alone about 90 feet down on a ridge and they were so loud the water and i were vibrating!!!,,, i have to ask (though probably silly) have you seen the movie quest for fire??? if not i recommend it...on a final note i teach/practice fire by friction using indigenous stuff.. anyway thanks for the great piece... Richard I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like to be in the water while the whales were singing. Amazing the vibrations don't damage other animals. I have seen Quest For Fire..thanks for reminding me actually, I wanna see it again. Wasn't Darryl Hannah in that? \ teach making fires? That's a different job! heh. How many different ways are there to start one?

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Mannequin Races said

Beautiful and tranquil. Really nicely played and recorded.

Guest said

nicely done me amigo

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Wildgeas Music said

Volume is fine here. It's a magnificent piece.

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Johnny Stone said

Beautiful mate.

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another cultural landslide said

Richard, this is beautiful! w;-)

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