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by Reefwalker


Fly just like a butterfly

Uploaded .

A caterpillars dream…………

Guest said

Ah have this problem as well....I don't mind them so much except when they all start singing different songs at the same time !! Interesting recording...........did you shove the mic up your nose or in your ear ? Jarvoid....Loopy as a Loop the Loop Thingy

Guest said

Man, your vocals are just too good!

Guest said

This is Weirdly Entertaining:) Schizophrenia?

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Reefwalker said

agree with sis, overlapping spoken parts with singing is perfect. Esp liking the baby noises at the ending. :)

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Norm said

Are those NEW baby noises?

Guest said

Love the "just like a butterfly" underpinning. Very clever vocal mixing!

Guest said

That's really enchanting and I love the baby noises.