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Miles Away

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Miles Away is a very simple guitar riff and lyrics that match, but it’s a song that came from the heart of one of the band’s members. It’s kind of a tune about a newly married couple…like most Prood songs it was recorded after one or two rehearsals. The banter at the beginning was The Proods having fun as we usually do.

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Reefwalker said

lol, this sounds like my house late at night. cool tune. smiles all the way

Guest said

this is just too catchy.i may have to cover this someday in a motorhead type fashion. Iffenz thats cool..

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doktordoktor said

Having fun while you make music is what it's all about guys! Love the vocal mix, simple tune but great message and very catchy too!

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Wrinkled Shirt said

Missed a lot of good music on here...great!

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Radio Roswell said

The musical train ride from Nashville to LA is a wonderful sound.Nice !

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thetworegs said

Cool as always even if one you has his face on fire

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Johnny Stone said


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Greg Connor said

I love the banter! You guys sound like you know how to have fun!

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Colleen Dillon said

Even more fun the second dip into the pool!

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Colleen Dillon said

Dance Dance Dance!!! Love this!!!!! Great to hear more Proods music.

Guest said

More fun music...the last Rock and Roll band in the USA.

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The Zhinkies said


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Bethan Mathis said

Love the atmosphere at the beginning. This is a right up there song, got me humming along.