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by Reefwalker


We weep but we can’t hide

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A little dark……

I stand at the junction between life & death
As the count begins to rise
The darkened moon weeps but is blind to the grief
Of the ones left behind

We weep but we can not hide

Daytime nighttime the hunt for us is on

We weep but we can not hide

Screaming shouting praying crying none will help
When the end is here

We weep but we can not hide

The fires been lit, as the light leads the way
The air combusts and we are set free

We weep but we can not hide

We lay at the door trying not to fear the way
The darkened moon weeps as the sky turns a darkened grey

We weep but we can not hide

The fire it cackles out its laugh

This is the end

oldfolks2's avatar
oldfolks2 said

I hear a bit of Dave Gahan in there ..... love it ...

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musicMD said

Dark but very cool sounding. Great vocals and music. Reminds me of the Doors but more futuristic.

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Reefwalker said

a little dark yes, but glad to see you've made it out alive! lol Cheers!!