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Stealing Pumpkins

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Stealin’ Pumpkins off the vine…
Such good fun I do it all the time.

Single Gon Bops conga track miced for heavy bass. And 2 tracks of cow bell, of course.

4/4 200bpm

Guest said

This is one of my favorites!! Matt Fulton

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Wildgeas Music said

I think I'm going to steal this Great Pumpkin.

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Johnny Stone said

Great job mate dig it. Thanks for your recent comment mate. Just had to bring that one back.

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northpossy said

if i ever go stealing pumpknis ill make sure to have thi song playin

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kirklynch said

Another one I gotta have a go at jamming with sometime. Excellent groove!

Guest said

Oh yeah, now where's the sacrifice?

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Reefwalker said

your percussion mojo keeps getting better and better. the cow bell really drives this home. great groove.

Guest said

excellent groove

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Movement To Contact said

Deep and raw....I FNG LOVE this, if i could fav it twice i would. It would be better if you could play this over very large speakers in an ampitheater. Low bass shakin your knee's.

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launched said

You are stealing the show with this!! Groovy coffee house feel - Frickin' sweeeeeet!!!!!

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Dave Berry said

Its like going to an all you can eat smorg and stuffing myself, thats how I feel about your rhythms, I can't get enough of that good stuff.

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kavin. said

you are a rhythm machine man! I'll be stealing this 'un for sure!

Guest said

I love Darbukas and Ethnic drums...

Guest said

Can u steal one for me? lol Awesome job man!

Guest said


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Norm said

@Richard: Guilty as charged. But what happens on AloneTone stays on AloneTone. We're glad you are here! @Sis: All of my beats are grabbable. That's what they're here for... I'm happy to steal a pumpkin for you any time. My patterns are alot like pumpkins: you don't have to ask - just grab one and run. I thought you guys may be ready for a straight forward 4/4 pattern to play with instead another of my rhythmically esoteric patterns.

Guest said

Fantastic, Norm. Soooooo, are any of these beats grabbable? Some of us* couldn't make beats for pumpkin pie. *me

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vaisvil said


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Wildgeas Music said

If this don't get you moving, then your pretty much dead......

Guest said

Cool beats.