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reefwalker's Favorite tracks on alonetone

by Reefwalker


Letting Go

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Johnny Stone said

Top job mate brilliant vocals. Cheers for your comments mate.

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brothercactus said

vocal music isn't my taste, but that recording showed some serious chops!

Guest said

So forking greek Petey!

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eee said

lyrics reactions =>"looking to be normal but if I look to be normal I am not normal because I am looking to be normal so I have no normal excuse to look normal anymore ,, maybe. so."<=lyrics reaction good song over all making me thing some.

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lumberfork said

Agree with Bethan, too. Harmonies are top-notch, the melody and vocals keep complete focus, the big sound at 2:10 and then the piano, at the end, that seems to just sort of dance away into the distance.... this is one of the best on alonetone.

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Reefwalker said

agree with Bethan, great short build up at 2;10. Good tune

Guest said

Wow, 2 mins, that was great! Sudden and effective!

Guest said

Great song, beautiful harmonies and pretty sounds from the piano.