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Preparing Absinthe

Uploaded .

drip by drip..
I did the guitar and bass tracks first, then procured my 10 year olds cello for the main bass line :) I also tried my luck playing cello with a bow on this track- which was a new experience.
The trumpet and violin bits are played with Korg keys.

I played the trap set on this initially but also asked Norm to add a simple percussion track to this tune which I think really grounds it well. Plus, I dont think I could write a song about Absinthe without Norm involved.
Thanks Norm !

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Norm said

What the hell??!!?? Where are the bottle rockets? (Enjoying Absinthe as I write this)

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Norm said

I had the pleasure of hearing an alternative version of this song. One where the green fairy exploded. It was good. Norm agrees that a) both versions are awesome, and that b) bottle rockets are good. ~Eloise

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IronAngel said

Wow... this is pretty interesting. It evolves and moves in ways I didnt expect. Well done!

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jip said

Like the groove!

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thetworegs said

wish I had a real Cello I'd bow it for sure .........liking that rhythm

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Movement To Contact said

Or rather dramatic chipmunk...PETA is going to be all over my email tomorrow...d+mn...

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Movement To Contact said

For some reason...might be the whiskey talking...I picture in the "future" version of this with a video...opening it with the "hit sensation" dramatic squirrel youtube video? Call me would totally fit...

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Stashbox said

Love the seriousness of this. Great pace. Like MoreCheeba or M83, Floyd-esque. :)

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Jason Earls said

excellent track. mellowed me out. i want to try some absinthe soon.

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Memoir said

This is really great. I love the changes.

Guest said


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Movement To Contact said

Good ole wah pedals ;) I think sometime in the future i would like to invest in a talk-box...why? i have no idea, i think if i ran my guitar with a synth effect on it, through the talk box to a might get interesting.

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Guest said

This was sweet!

Guest said

like Jarufus says: do da maff.

Guest said

he was nuts. too creative for his own good. he used to get high on absinthe all the time and that really altered his reality. it essentially fucked him up good. Hemmingway was another absinthe user/abuser. do da maff.

Guest said

Van Gogh would be proud.

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Johnny Stone said

Excellent track mate brilliant.

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Reefwalker said

Thanks for the listen and comments! LOL, ya Norm, thats actually not far from the truth !!

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Movement To Contact said

MUST LISTEN AGAIN....and again....and again....

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Rick Phillips said

If I close my eyes to this one, its December 1973 in Del Mar California listening to Pink Floyd, really cool RW!

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vaisvil said

this is excellent!!

Guest said

had me grooving secretly...loved it!

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launched said

reefwalker + norm = massive hurricane force

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launched said

You see, I heard this groovy little tune on AT, then I downloaded it after about a minute because I knew I'd be looping the damn thing for about an hour straight. Solid, solid, solid - Fantastic work!

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Wildgeas Music said

Brilliant! you polished that mix up all nice and shiny.

Guest said

This is an exceptionally tasty track! Just deep, multi-layered and clever!! And your cello lines are superb considering you don't play!! I mean, wow!!! They add so much... I just love this track! PS - Bethan, I haven't had Norm yet.

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Dave Berry said

I'll say wow, holy crap, and fantastic, thats what I say

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Norm said

The emerald green essence turns to the color of a Monarch’s chrysalis and the dripping sugar swirls into a gentle cloud. As your guitar carries me away, I smile and turn to the nonchalant fairy sitting next to me, who hands me a rather large bottle rocket.

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KraftiM said

great track, nice sideviews, absinthe , the green fairy, gave me already some psychedelic help...

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kirklynch said

Damn nice track man!

Guest said

Norm certainly is popular, I think we have all shared him now! Enjoyable track!