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Pilón for A New Son

Pilón reveals a Cuban pattern, traditionally played on Timbales, but in this case on Jr. Congas & Congas (with gated reverberation and flanger effect). The rhythm of Pilón is based on the motions of pounding sugar cane.

A new son reveals a blessing, traditionally played on your knee, but in this case the one I have in mind may be too big! (>12 lbs with cheeks to the neck!).

Thanks to Michael de Miranda for explaining Pilón to me.

Thanks to 2R for sharing the news with me… congrats!

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thetworegs said

He’s not so good today he was sick at school but it’s not all bad now he’s got 48hrs home with dad …..

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thetworegs said

Sebs a bit out of sorts today but this seemed to calm him down nicely…..thanks

Guest said

Just Cyndi checking out the groves!

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Cave Street said

Norm, this is a sweet groove!

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

With a ooooh Yeahh!!!

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jip said

Loving this - wish it was muuuuuch longer! Had to share it on FB.

Guest said

Kickin beats. Totally diggin this!

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launched said

Love the flange and the triangle (Or whatever steel you used)

Goodness all over!!

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Norm said

@Shirt: Pilón is not only the name of this pattern, but also the name of a town on the southern coast of Cuba. Perhaps both Pilón coffee and the pattern are connected to that town in some way.

Guest said

I drink that every morning..Delicious Espresso.

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Reefwalker said

ok, ok. So its chicken on 3? Love the suga cane beets bro!
Congrats 2R’s!

Guest said


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Geir said

really cool and a mighty fine production !!

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Wildgeas Music said

I mean percussionists…yeah that’s it. Percussionists!

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Wildgeas Music said

Big boys tend to be drummers…

Guest said

Super swish beats!

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kirklynch said

Super nice groove man!

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vaisvil said

Norm, just how many chickens have you raised? ;-)

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Norm said

Aaw, now I want chicken.

With Bee.

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Movement To Contact said

A great tribute to the new little man. Amazing track, really diggin this groove. :)

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Norm said

@Bee: I believe that you are referring to the first 3 off-beats of the measure, which are played on a wood-block heavily distorted with “gated reverb”… but I’ve never heard a chicken that sounds like that! :)

Guest said

Love that rhythm Norm!
What’s the 3 repeated, quiet scraping sounds made by? Sounds a bit like a chicken! Interesting!

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thetworegs said

Wonderful Norm just wonderful…..I feel blessed….I’ve got my headphones on and Sebastian asleep in his crib beside me…….and have too keep taking them of because I’m sure he’s crying in time ….very effective