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Love on the b**ch [lounge]

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a simple tune for the upcoming summer..

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Movement To Contact said

Still love this one

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Movement To Contact said

(response) that song is going to be the begining of the album (maybe). You nailed it again, but really the whole song needs work. I imagine it will be December or next year by the time i get this little project done. It's only ten tracks but i'm trying to blend each song together, into one story line. The vocals are going to just be placed here and there all over the cd, and the music will go from electric guitar, to acoustic, to distorted, and looks like a friend of mine is going to do some 8-bit stuff for the end. Which will be the same notes and key as the first just done all in 8 bit samples. Anyway, this is the hardest cd I have done so far.

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Movement To Contact said

Glad you liked the remix, thanks for the help! It's always good to have a second set of ears ;)

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Andrew Gombas said

very smooth, man.

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BraedenVMusic said

this song makes me feel like im soaring over a beautiful mountain range and exploring the outskirts of the land

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Reefwalker said

that last comment was me, sorry no log in :)

Guest said

This is a very well composed chill out, I like the vocals. drifts you along without even knowing it.

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richardlaceves said

very lite and breezy, the percussion is really great

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launched said

Beautiful. Excellent sparing use of the bass and background vox. Sounds frickin' sweet.

Guest said

this is a nice summer tune. this would go well with a sunrise.

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Alister Flint said

thank you guys! @Norm: yep, la clava indeed. and i got the idea from your grooves, actually :)

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Movement To Contact said

Really nice, relaxing already.

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Norm said

Smoooth and loungey! Excellent percussion work (using just the first half of Son clave @ half time = nice effect)

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Wildgeas Music said

Magnificent piece of work Alister. Classy and Sassy.

Guest said


Guest said

This isn't playing for me. :-( Will try again later.

Guest said

Good one.

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vaisvil said

love the deep percussion and sexy tune!