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Even a superwomen gets tired

Uploaded .

Wrote all the lyrics and most of the melody for this song in one sitting during a particularly busy period in my life.

Just an indulgent little jazz tune poking fun at myself… those who know me well will instantly recognise the lyrics as very “me”! ;-)

A big thank-you to Malcolm who helped me finished the song!

This song is in Mandarin.

Chinese Lyrics can be found here:

English translation:

Is it possible
To not have so many fires for me to put out
Is it possible
To not have so much mess for me to clean up
Is it possible
To give me a few seconds of peace to breathe
Even a superwoman gets tired

Is it possible
To not have so much damage I need to control
Is it possible
To not have so many friends down I need to
cheer up
Is it possible
To give me a few seconds of quiet to catch my
Even a superwoman gets tired

Alas my character is friendly and make friends
And I have a helpful and warm heart
If I promised to do something I’ll try my best
That’s why, year after year, I always have so
much on my plate I almost cough up blood! :P

Is it possible
To not have so much work I need to do
Is it possible
To not have so many problems I need to worry
Is it possible
To give me a few seconds of peace to sleep
Even a superwoman gets tired!!!

Guest said

Love this song, Helene! Glad I visited this site when I saw Kevin's FB page :D Do write more! Andrea (of the Sopranos...haha)

Guest said


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Johnny Stone said

Top keys and vocals. Beautiful.

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Welcome to Forever said

Awesome! Love your voice.

Guest said

Hello Helen, welcome to Alonetone. What a lovely voice you have. Great song and cool music. This is going on my "Bring on the girls" playlist, if that's ok. Mind you I haven't heard the next one yet. I shall have to decide.

Guest said


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MF Hot Wheels Spaulding esq said

australia has got some fairly prominent alonetoners, like greg albrecht and johnny stone. welcome Helen.

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Movement To Contact said

Thanks! Glad you liked my little "rant" of a song ;) I really like you voice, and the jazz style. I must confess i have no idea what you are saying but the emotion comes though. Anyway, thanks again for the listen.

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launched said

A1 excellent vocals - Love it!

Guest said

always happy to hear the Jazz with a beautiful voice such as yourself. top job!

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Reefwalker said

wow ! very cool, I like the big open smokey jazz lounge feel

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Wildgeas Music said

Oh this is exciting. I hope to hear more. Welcome to alonetone.

Guest said

well done.

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kirklynch said

Nice! Love your voice

Guest said

Welcome to Alonetone! This is a sparkly track - great timeless melody. Looking forward to hearing more from you!