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by Reefwalker


Your Charms

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And oh my Dog
My bones got out
Of my arms
And into your

Sandy Gritt's avatar
Sandy Gritt said

love the bounce to this. Infectious!

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A Bit More Better Productions said

This is great stuff fair play boss - good work

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thetworegs said

You old pro!!

Norm's avatar
Norm said

Well done! Tight and pro - but I don't get the lyrics... what's wrong with me???

Guest said

hehe different lyrics for sure. This is great. Love the intro then the nice grove it goes into.

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Reefwalker said

have to agree with launched, good song-crafting here. catchy

Guest said


Guest said

aw crap.... I don't have a lot of time as it is and yet now I will have to listen to everything you ever wrote....(that's on alonetone)...

Sandy Gritt's avatar
Sandy Gritt said

Creepy and cute...that's noe easy feat! I really like this one. The uke sounds awesome here.

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launched said

Oh, yeah! I dig.

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launched said

Shit hot tune, bro! The triteness is kick ass. Beautiful, just beautiful.

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

You Rock Tempest!!!!! Cool Wrong Song!!!!