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This Is A Song

Uploaded .

As the song says, this is a song I wrote for the RPM Challenge. I simply took my actual experience beginning at 12 midnight on February 1st, and a couple or three hours later I had my first song. The player takes away the intensity of this track so feel free to download this mother-grabber. Then turn it up as loud as you can and make sure you have plenty room on the dance floor.

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Dave Berry said

so great , so much to like here.

Guest said

i can't deny it. i want to sing along.

Guest said

brownies look FNG! cool vox.

Guest said


Guest said


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Black Pepper Sea said

Fantastic - I especially love the bass playing on this.

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Peter Fedofsky said

This is awesomely hilarious! Well done...

Guest said

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! This is our themesong I don't care what anyone else says. I'm covering this next near. LoL.

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AMUC said

**Dancing about like an idiot** I like this. =)

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Norm said

I must admit that I actually WAS singing along! Good one!

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Reefwalker said

sweet late night RPM goodness!