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Too Much

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My first rejected Ramen Music submission.

Too Much

I wrote you a letter but I never sent it
I was afraid you might never get it
or what if you did and I lived to regret it
and it was just too much for me to take
now its four in the morning I’m lyin’ awake

one time you held me in the palm of your hand
then you put me down in this barren land
you tried to explain it but I could not understand
it was just too much for me to take
now it’s five in the morning I’m lyin’ awake

it was just too much for me to take
now it’s six in the morning I’m lyin’ awake

it was just too much for me to take
now it’s three in the morning I’m lyin’ awake

now it’s eight in the morning I’m lyin’ awake

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childhoodsend said

I still love this song! Great concept.

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childhoodsend said

This is one of my favorite songs. I would love to do a cover some day...

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Reefwalker said

Had to log back in to fav this one. Cant help but think of Lou Reed a little here.

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Norm said

I'm not so sure the tunes selected by Ramen music necessarily reflect the popular vote as demonstrated by Alonetone "most favorited", etc. And it is a thankless job, inherently biased, to make selections for Ramen Music. I don't envy the position of the editors. Alas, that was historically one of the problems that lead to the demise of other record labels... In any case, don't let it work on your head. You have a sizeable fan base and we LOVE what you are producing. Now, return to your studio and get back to work: we are hungry for more!

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launched said

Solid!! Man this is kick ass sh*t!

Guest said

Dude, we need to talk about this one. Ramen may not want it, but I bet we could remix this one and get it on a sound track.

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Wildgeas Music said

This is perfect for a Rob Zombie movie. Desert road, convertible automobile, night falls, you stumble on a psycho hotel, you wouldn't sleep anyway.

Guest said

:-( I hope it's not the last. This is saucy. Liking your lower register. :-)

Guest said

Lovely song, sexy smooth vocals too. Nice one. I like the sound effects too.

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Cave Street said

@Dave Berry - Thanks dude, you're too kind.

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Dave Berry said

so very good. I love this song. It is the loss of the folks who rejected it I say, It was too good for their purposes. They couldn't handle the deep soul of this track.

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kirklynch said

Digging your smokey vocals on this one.Nice one man!