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Self Help Hypnosis

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Poor old Reg he cant figure it out!! …….. since he’s been listening to his self help tapes to stop drinking he has never got any money and he just doesn’t understand it, he keeps working coming home relaxing to the tape……….. then when he goes to the bank…….. nothing

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lgh said

I have this strange urge to get out my checkbook of all things.....???????? LG

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lgh said

Refreshingly Bizarre!!! LG

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epimeison said

Nice one regs..!

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Orphans said

i woke up with drewl on my shirt

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vaisvil said

hehe! excellent!

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Reefwalker said

HA, Norms on the money, Excellent. I feel great now, and somehow indebted to you.

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Norm said

It's a curious thing. I guess that I like this song... I've started to listen to it several times and I have apparently "faved" it, but I can't remember listening to it for the life of me...

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igor said

~Thou don't feel anything, don't feel, don't ... And then thou wake up - and ...!~