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Drunken Loser

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I was drunk and feeling like a loser, so I wrote a song about it. It’s the coolest song you ever heard… :)

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Movement To Contact said

Launched radio.....helping to supress the boredom of a long work day since Jan 2010...;)

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c}{imps 8 my ears said

this song is very funny

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c}{imps 8 my ears said

plenny o' beers not too much lobstah. love lobstah tho.

Guest said

good to hear from you! Thought you had vanished. How are things going for you? And..thanks for the comment! :)

Guest said

Flies in My Lunchbox is out. You did an excellent job Mark. We did Baby Green Ernie justice with that tune. Uncle Ernie would be proud of us.

Guest said

re ur comment lol!! Well the keys I'm using ARE pretty old, I think they date back to the 80's. And I'd pay to see you dancing to it. ---------------------------------- If I still had my parachute pants with 40 zippers, I would probably try to break out to this! Radical and fanatical, with a soft landing!

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Movement To Contact said

Listening and rock bro

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Rubber said

This song always raises a smile man. fun stuff.

Guest said

You may have been drunk but you are no loser. Love the lyrics.

Guest said

Drunken loser... story of my life... awesome riffs and chord progressions... love the singing and the story.....

Guest said

Like your style! Sorry you felt so rubbish, but turning it in to a song (and this is the coolest song I ever heard) rocks.

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Jason Earls said

great lyrics man, definitely one of the coolest songs ever.

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Dave Berry said

Finally getting to this song Mark. Are you teh man or what? This is really deadly. I find this to be a very serious song, killer. I love the lyrics, the part about the doggies in heaven, thats the deal. Its as real as it gets. Real, real real. Great song Mark.

Guest said

right on screach? hmmm.. u lost me. hehe I am getting geared up to get back into it. I'm eating my veggies and fruits.

Guest said

WILD G said... Wildgeas Music said about 9 hours ago :D There's always something to eat right there in the woods, where Mother Nature intended it to be. Just stay away from the mushrooms.... depends on what kind of mushrooms. hehe. A study found that shrooms can actually help with anxiety. I think u know which ones I mean....

Guest said

and..sorry about your doggy. The girl..she's replaceable...but the hehe JUST kidding again.

Guest said

You composed this very well..ESPECIALLY considering you were drunk! Thanks for lush. hehe just kidding.

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SonicLuke said

It is damn cool! That guitar melody is sweet.

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dougsparling said

Catchy, I'm gonna be singing this in my head the rest of the day...

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Sandy Gritt said

Whatta cool song. Catchy and funny!

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Wildgeas Music said

Yup, it's the coolest song I ever heard.

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Wildgeas Music said

:D There's always something to eat right there in the woods, where Mother Nature intended it to be. Just stay away from the mushrooms....

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Mannequin Races said

Wish I could write songs like this when I'm drunk. Hmmm... maybe I need to start drinking more. Excellent acoustic jam. This one has a sort of Adam Sandler feel to it. I think it's a combination of your voice and the lyrics. Well done!

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Norm said

Coolest song I ever heard. And to think that you nailed it on the first take! I was laughing through-out the song (well, except the part about your dog getting the blue tongue - I almost cried at that part).

Guest said

always enjoy your acoustic tones. Nice work!!

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Johnny Stone said

You don't sound like a loser mate you sound very cool. Great vocals and music mate dig it.

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Reefwalker said

Great song, perhaps the coolest song I have ever heard ;)

Guest said

damn, that boss recorder works FNG! You write very catchy tunes.

Guest said

Great tune, bout time somebody did a tune about my life.

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Killer Accoustic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bro!!!! It Rules!!!!! And the Vox!!! Suits the song to a Tee!!!!!! "When you aint got nothing to eat you Know you are Fucked!" I feel ya Bro!!!! Really I do.... This is a Killer tune!!! Soooooooo Good!!!! Sorry to Laugh Bro! F*cking Awesome!!! You are Awesome! Love ya man! You aint no Loser! F*ck Yeah! Peace Tharek