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The Devil drives a Cooper

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This is a more jazzy version of “The Devil drives a Volvo”. Got help from my brother on the drums on this recording.

Vocals were recorded in a rented mini cooper south in spain :)

The Devil drives a Volvo
and wears a flannel shirt
if you get too close
you’ll probably get hurt
what’you gonna do by that
are you gonna wear a pointed hat
are you gonna get a Swedish car
get yourself a black cat?

You can go to Hell in Norway
and meet miss world by chance
if you’ve got the guts
you ask her for a dance
what’you gonna do then
get yourself a feather pen
start to write a new book
wring the neck on a hen?

You can go for tea in Boston
and make some new friends there
they’ll throw you a party
say that you’re a smarty
what’you gonna do by it
do you think your their new hit
will you think it all through
what’s it’s gonna do to you

You can look for wolves in London
and bond with them in Times Square
If you get them close
and get out of their noses
maybe you can have a
fascinating year and
get rid of your fear of
the canine species while you’re there

… go for peace in Delhi
and buy an electric car
you can shave your hair off
work with Mr. Smirnoff
you can eat the carrots
leave alone the rabbits
get rid of your fat
and get yourself another cat

you can move up to Vancouver
and meet a pretty girl there
you can grow your hair back
get rid of the two cats
then you can go figure
skating on a new tour
Canada forgotten soon
Panama’s the new cure

The devil drives a Cooper
and wears a new black suit
if you get too close you’ll probably get hair
in most unwanted places
recognise the faces
of the man in black?
I’m not talking of Blackmore

Reefwalker's avatar
Reefwalker said

love the tune. great vox delivery and lyrics

Guest said

This track is great fun. Love your voice as always. Querky lyrics, great drums and pretty guitar on the end. Yep, feel good factor. Now, where is that plane ticket!!

lgh's avatar
lgh said

I like this version also! I have enjoyed your original version since you first posted it, now a! LG

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Johnny Stone said

Brilliant track mate really well done.

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thetworegs said

I'm going to hell in Norway and meet miss world by chance.........I've booked the the bounce of the tune.....not too mention that jazzy guitar lead to Finnish

Guest said

Cool lyrics! Wish i had a cooper...not the mini one..