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Piano Sonata One 1st mov

Uploaded .

Piano Sonata One – the Mexican Sonata
1st movment here
2nd finished – but waiting its turn
3rd in concept form (much to think about)

Dedicated to Ralph who passed away last year during the RPM month of February,, The slower middle section in this piece –first appeared in that RPM as Prelude in C#minor, a small 65 second piece that i wrote on hearing the news of his passing, and something i knew i would one day revisit.

I have tried to push myself both in playing and composing

all comments/thoughts/suggestions welcome

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When We Fall Victim said

I have been looking for good piano pieces, and this is very well done, may i ask if you would be willing to do a collaboration?

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thetworegs said


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Black Pepper Sea said

Really lovely. I feel like the musical equivalent of a caveman with a tuned stick when I hear real musicians like you perform!

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Reefwalker said

strong, excellent

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inge said

beautiful,thank you with a smile, Inge

Guest said

My, that's stirring stuff. How beautifully played.

Guest said

This one's a beaut! JRR

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richardlaceves said

Just a note to all my fellow AToners,, back up, back up,, back up,, i just spent 5 days working with a down pc, i did have everything backed up but it was a bit scary,, and if anyone has issues with sonar and motu products,,i might have some hard earned help if you ever need it,, take care all and BACK UP everyday R

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vaisvil said

As for the song icon for Don't Look Down - a friend made it for me and I am not sure what he used. Subway is a good bet.

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vaisvil said

Well, I make no claim to the authenticity of Ethno 2 samples - though assuming they are top notch is probably a safe bet. I just released a revised version to my private mailing list and here are the instruments: This piece is a quasi-middle eastern section using the celtic 12, E, and D guitars and the lead Electric Bouzouki plus acoustic bass in Zurna tuning and the percussion includes Timbales, gong, Bendir, Daires, Darbuka, Tamborin, and Sistres.

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Wildgeas Music said

A lovely performance Richard.

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Lalo Oceja said

beautiful first movement of your piano sonata Richard

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kirklynch said

Stunningly beautiful!! Especially that middle section

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Guest said


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Johnny Stone said

Beautiful Richard very nicely played, really cool.

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another cultural landslide said


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vaisvil said

Beautiful!! In composition and execution.