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piano moment #19

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Nick P said

Soothing, beautiful piano.... wonderful music

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another cultural landslide said

Thank you so much, Richard for your kind words. Glad we got you up dancing on, "old". I had trouble standing still when I was recording the vocal. LOL! I wish I could find the right words of what your music does for me. I'm always moved. It takes me somewhere. You are so very talented. XO

Guest said

I need to visit this site more.

Guest said


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Greg Connor said

Stunning Work! Excellent.

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Norm said

Just what I needed today.

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igor said

Snow falls so, quietly begins and ends quietly, too.

Guest said

Damn, good stuff! I'm no expert but this is some fine Piano skills you got!

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another cultural landslide said

Heartfelt thanks on, "when it's gone" you are so kind. w;-)

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Johnny Stone said

Really cool Richard, excellent playing.

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Wildgeas Music said


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another cultural landslide said

Richard, this is so moving & beautiful. I absolutely love your touch on the piano. w;-)

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Djörk said


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Nosda Cariad said

You play with the motive like the Wind with a snow flake. Excellent.

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kirklynch said

Gorgeous! That was a perfect start to my day!

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kavin. said

Lovely just lovely Richard. I hope we see some white stuff this year here.

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thetworegs said

We have some here Reef..perfect for the scenario outside this morning but not quite enough to build a snowman...excellent as alays Richard a pleasure to listen to........

Guest said

Gorgeous work! It totally captures the serenity and beauty of snowfall. I know what you mean. MTC said to me once that he fancied swapping our weathers. Cheers Bee

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Reefwalker said

I was hoping for something like this. It's perfect, now if I could only get some snow to fall up in the mountains here tonight...

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Movement To Contact said

Beautiful work Richard. A perfect way to close my evening.