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A Funky Christmas With Eloise Norm Reg

Uploaded .

I sent this over to Norm to get his Funk on now its really funky with additions by Eloise it has a touch of Frank Zappas valley girl..THANK YOU BABY!!! OOOOOH Weeee!! A FUNKY CHRISTMAS IS ON ITS WAY….

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thetworegs said

Merry Christmas Everyone ........

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Wildgeas Music said

:) that was fun.

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Reefwalker said

Welcome to AT Eloise! You have really earned your stripes collaborating with reg right out of the shoot. If I didnt know reg, i would have started a scuffle on the dance floor right about the time he started doing the crab with you. However, as Reg is an old friend, I am offering him a Guinness for his smoothness. -fantastic energy/vox reg

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Norm said

I'm doing the crab! I'm doing the crab! It's good to see you still have all of your classic dance moves in working order Reg.