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KCsGroove said

Man, I like your music a lot great dreamy piece I'm floating :-) KC

Guest said

i remeber this one yeagh

Guest said

nice tune

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Reefwalker said

Coasting down the rockies today and this song came on for the rest of the ride down. Such a cool ,mesmerizing tune. Purrrrfect

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Reefwalker said

wow, very cool. another great song ACL !

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vaisvil said

I love this! Who is doing the voices / singing?

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Norm said

I must agree with Savage. Wendy's background voice is wonderful and really makes this one drift. I just love that. Well done.

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yelyah said

Wow. Just so lovely and... drift-y.

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KMA said

actually, this is my favorite. Haven't talked to you all in a while. Been kind of laying low for a bit.

Guest said

Love this, especially the eerie lady backing vox - very haunting!

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dj num izisoundsystem said

i'm guys achieve a really professional production laid back yet tight cool as num

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brando said

I love how heavy the bass is in this song. Drifting...

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melvynbernard said

Loving this track. I want to be driving through the country at 1am.


Another long one...and trancy...This is a great record for driving...and I love to do that...

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Aged Machine said

Love this track!

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tim mcfate said

i like where this takes me and i would love to know what you are using to generate the sound scape. i need to get some software with the kinds of controls that generate these tones tim