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Sad, sweet holiday tune from The Brian True Project, N40 Records. Please spread the cheer.

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Jason Earls said

wow, so good...

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thetworegs said

Nice with a big capital N.........

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corbinSound said

damn fine guitarwork cuts yaa deep mmmmmmm (especially that main riff in the verse) class act

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tedsink said

Beautiful. Tears at you in a gentle way. (A search by title didn't work to find this song.)

Guest said

Beautiful. Tears at you in a gentle way.

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thetworegs said


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Dave Berry said

WOW beauty

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Movement To Contact said

Very smooth track, killer vox, and an all around great recording/mix. I am diggin this one for sure.

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Reefwalker said

Great tune guys. well recorded and mixed too

Guest said

Great tune , very well done.