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Blumlein Fantasy

Uploaded .

My first attempt at a Blumlein or Mid/Side recording. This one is actually a mid/side recording as I used a directional mic in combo with a figure 8 ribbon mic set at 90 degrees from the main mic. Thanks to Pat Broaders for the loan of the ribbon mics. Recorded sitting in my shop 12 29 2010

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Colleen Dillon said

Just introduced to your music. This piece is amazing. Thank you!!!

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Greg Connor said

This just carries me away.

Guest said

Glorious wonderfulness! Bee

Guest said

Very beautiful fantasy... Sounds GREAT and peacefull. Love it!

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Movement To Contact said

Thanks Kirk! I thought the process might start with old boot leather and assorted hoof parts, mix it with snouts and lips and I've got dinner fit for a king

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Jason Earls said

beautiful playing!

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another cultural landslide said

Shame on me for being away so long. I missed such wonderful music like this beautiful song! w;-)

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stoman said

I'm very impressed by your guitar skills. Great work. I'll download some of your songs and put them on my next car CD. Thanks for sharing! :)

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Lil' mar mar said

great accomplishment! sound is sweet.

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vaisvil said

this is lovely contemplative and serene.

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Dave Berry said

I really love your sound and playing here. This will be my bench-mark. I will work on my acoustic and try to reach a height such as this, Your song will be my constant inspiration. Thank you good sir. It may take me a while, but your playing here has inspired me.

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thetworegs said

Off course i wouldn't forget you. what was your address again i seem to have lost it........

Guest said

...Smoothie stuff, the sound is crisp and outstanding! again this is super cool.

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thetworegs said

excellent playing and lovely sound

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igor said

~guitarra - ella como persona, ¿no?~ ...and: Thank you, Kirk, I know - you're grateful listener.

Guest said

..again...great playing and feel!

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skiks/bruce hamilton said

fantastic sound and lovely playing!

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kauaikta said

Mellow - nice!

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Lalo Oceja said

Hey Kirk! thanks again for great guitar songs!! how are you doing?

Guest said

Just amazing sounds and playing!

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Movement To Contact said

Yep the left track is the strat copy...middle is the guitar in the pic, my first "frankenstien" guitar, a les paul copy (harmony brand?? i think, been too long since i painted and rewired it) and right track is the jackson. Same amp settings on all three but there are subtle differences in tone. You can really tell it when you crank the gain on them. ;)

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Roderick McTainsh said

VERY relaxing

Guest said

Fantastic song Kirk!!

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Johnny Stone said

Truly a great guitar player, great track Kirk. Thanks for your comments mate. This is very enjoyable mate.

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said nice here, man.

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Wildgeas Music said

Damn fine playing man......

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

I wish my listening gear was better--enough to give you some supportive comment for your recording technique. All sounds wonderful here, and the piece itself is emotive and beautiful. Really enjoyed this. I've met some fine guitar players on my sojour through internet music--you are one of the finest.

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graveroyalty said

Beautiful :)

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Mr Sandbags said

The production went over my head but it sounds beautiful.

Guest said

Ahh, how beautiful is that! Sniffs, wipes eyes and nose!

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Reefwalker said

still diggin this tune.

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Gilbert Neilson said

Great recording and greater playing!!!! So nice!!!

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Wildgeas Music said

You are dangerously close to being the best ever. Real soothing track Kirk. Nice atmosphere!

Guest said

Completely gorgeous, emotive and effortless, Sir Filthy Shirker. Seems to me there isn't enough shirking going on, filthy or otherwise. (And Happy New Year!)

Guest said

Achingly beautiful..!!

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Movement To Contact said

Thanks Kirk! I've been messing with that wah tone for a while. I am using my POD XT live, i think it has...5 wah varations? Something like that, and I had one set up for my main guitar a Jackson Dominion (sweet guitar i love it), and when i went to play the lead i thought, well i just got that strat copy lets give it a whirl. I was shocked how those little pickups blasted into the mix. Pretty neat! I guess you can never judge a guitar by the brand name...just the sound. Later!

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Dave Berry said

Holy wow that is an intense acoustic sound. I woul dsay perfect recording, very good job, and what a composition, there is so much air in this piece, and light and even dare I say it, joy. Wonderful song.

Guest said


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epimeison said

This is really beautifull kirk... so so nice..!

Guest said

Sooooo nice!

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mmi said

Jeebus. And you're envious of _my_ clean tone? Be serious. In '09 sudar and I were yacking about microphones some googling led us to some very high end mics and a guy that uses them: I think your recording is better.

Guest said


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Movement To Contact said

Stunning...(jaw dropped.....)...damn man...

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Reefwalker said

Wow K, great sounding tune. Technically a top recording sound, and great guitar playing too.

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Rick Phillips said

Is that the Goodall? Gorgeous!

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thetworegs said

I agree with the others Beautiful

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Norm said

Beautiful recording, Kirk.

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childhoodsend said

Beautiful sound!

Guest said

Sounds really good! great playing into the new year! fantastic mood!

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kavin. said

great sound and playing, must try that since I have a pair of matched condensers.