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Wait Until Tomorrow (Hendrix Cover)

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Okay , this may be my last Hendrix cover for awhile. I have been itching to record a few new original songs that are waiting in the wings. These covers were fun to do and I discovered alot about the songs I didnt no before. On this one I added a piano because I always felt one would fit , and I think it did. Hope you guys and gals enjoyed these blasts from the past.

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Andrew Russe said

Still sounds good :)

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Reefwalker said

man JR, i had to log in again to give props to this amazing Hendrix set. These tunes will be circulating on the playlist this weekend

Guest said

Very cool cover - your voice sounds excellent! Great cheeky delivery!

Stan Gadziola AKA (gadzooks)'s avatar
Stan Gadziola AKA (gadzooks) said

well played and well sung ... this was always one of my fav's!

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darkarma said

Nice rework. I enjoyed this thoroughly.

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corbinSound said


Guest said

OOOPs, no, this is my favorite! No its Manic Depresson, Oh Hell James! I like em all. Nice sonic trip

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jip said

Brill sound, guitars, bass, drums - good man!

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FDR said

Another cool cool cover!

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Nick P said

Wonderful.....great job with all the Hendrix tunes - I thoroughly enjoyed them....looking forward to your orignals

Guest said

Great tune , I dig the guitar tones.

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thetworegs said

You've made this one your own James love the interplay with the backing vocals.......great job..........

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Andrew Russe said

Oh yeah... Nailed it. This is superb

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Lady Jane said

Great! Looking forward to hearing the new stuff, too :)